Yeti Sensation

OH NOOO! Bigfoot wanted! Help embarrassed Yeti to find a way to his new home, avoid sly snowmen, dangerous traps and other obstacles, buy new boosts in the supermarket and run away as further as possible.

  • Awesome 3D endless runner game in your browser with WebGL
  • Tons of bonuses, obstacles and berries!
  • Great supermarket with useful boosts
  • Quality sound and voice-over from real Bigfoot
  • Run, Yeti, Run!


Rats Cooking

Mamma Mia! Mutant rats are trying to get a delicious pizza from the chef! Throw knifes, slash with ladle, upgrade your weapons and use power-ups to knock off enemies from the restaurant territory.

  • 3D action game in your browser with WebGL
  • Tons of bonuses, weapons and enemies
  • 16 levels with achievements to complete and extra survival mode
  • Quality sound and voice-over from the chef
  • Bon Appetit!

Top Shootout: The Pirate Ship

Ahoy! An old pirate ship full of golden treasures and beautiful hostages sails in the Caribbean Sea. Reload your cannon to defeat all pirates and get scores as much as you can in amazing Top Shootout!

  • Dip into pirates adventure!
  • 3D action game in your browser with WebGL
  • Play with friends and share your pirate greatness!
  • Quality sound by real pirates!
  • No pirates were harmed :)


Top Shootout: The Saloon

Become the best shooter in Wild West ever! Evil bandits kidnapped hostages and are keeping them in The Saloon. Only you can save them! Reload your gun and shoot up all bandits with their bosses!

  • Amazing Wild West atmosphere
  • Crazy characters
  • Casual gameplay and controls
  • Colorful 3D graphics and quality sound



Help cute penguin eat all fish on dozens of levels!

  • Quirky and cute characters
  • 30 unique and fun levels
  • Lots of bonuses
  • Simple mouse-based controls that are easy to learn and master
  • Colorful cartoony graphics and quality music

Who Lives in a Tree? An Interactive Children’s Mini-Encyclopedia.

Colorful educational mini-encyclopedia “Who Lives in a Tree?” will help children and their parents learn interesting facts about forest animals in a fun way.

Climb the trunk of the tall grand tree and meet 16 famous animals of deciduous forests. Аmong them are woodpecker, field mouse, owl, cuckoo and others. Learn tons of little-known and exceptional facts about their way of life and explore connections between them.

Treasure Island. An Interactive Children's Book.

Famous novel by Robert Louis Stevenson is fully adapted for little readers and their parents in the form of interactive children’s book for mobile devices.

Jim Hawkins got a treasure map from the former pirate named Billy Bones. The treasure was hidden by dreadful captain Flint! Jim and his fearless friends go on a treasure hunting voyage to the mysterious island. Awaiting them are the unforgettable journey and new friends!


Experience the holiday spirit! Decorate Christmas trees with beautiful and funny ornaments, receive gifts, earn points! Get awards! Hurry up! You have little time to dress up so many Christmas trees!

  • 3 game modes.
  • Beautiful ornaments and gifts.
  • Amazing backgrounds.
  • Fun achievements.
  • Simple control and gameplay.